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Set Up The ARCCAPTAIN Spool Gun To Weld Aluminum

May 18, 2023

Set Up The ARCCAPTAIN Spool Gun To Weld Aluminum

The video titled "Best Budget Aluminum Spool Gun Set Up 2023!" on YouTube features Josh Washburn from Washburn Fabco reviewing the ArcCaptain lbt-150 spool gun for running aluminum wire on the Mig 200. The spool gun is designed to hold one-pound spools and comes with a double-sided drive roll. It has both a standard European connection and a four-prong connection compatible with ArcCaptain welding machines. The wire used in the video is er 4043 with a diameter of 0.035 inches, and the welding is done on 6061 aluminum.

Josh mentions that he usually doesn't use 0.035-inch wire but had to use it because the largest wire this spool gun can accommodate is 0.045 inches. He emphasizes the importance of using the correct equipment for working with aluminum, including proper cutting blades and fresh stainless steel wire brushes for cleaning. Safety precautions such as wearing a respirator are also highlighted.

After testing the spool gun for about 10 minutes, Josh is impressed with its performance, although he experiences some cold starts during welding. He mentions his previous unsuccessful experiences with lower-end spool guns but states that this one has proved him wrong. He believes this spool gun is suitable for smaller 220V welders, although he personally purchased an expensive spool gun for his Lincoln welder generator. The pricing for the reviewed spool gun is yet to be determined as it was a test unit, but he will provide a link in the description once it becomes available for purchase.

In conclusion, Josh's only criticism is the drive roll sizes, hoping for the inclusion of a 0.035-inch and 0.045-inch option.Regarding this point, the Arccaptain has made improvements, and upgraded the 0.6 size driver roller to a 0.9 size drive roller in the subsequent mig200 machines.

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However, he plans to conduct further tests and even embark on a complete aluminum bumper build using this spool gun. He invites viewers to leave comments about what welding reviews, tips, tricks, or project overviews they would like to see in the future. He also shares a discount code for ArcCaptain products and encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel.

Overall, the article provides a summary of the video, highlighting the features and performance of the Art Captain lbt-150 spool gun for aluminum welding. It captures Josh's positive feedback and plans for future testing, giving readers an understanding of the best budget aluminum spool gun setup for 2023.

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