Portable Small Stick Welder ARC160
Portable Small Stick Welder ARC160
Portable Small Stick Welder ARC160
Portable Small Stick Welder ARC160
Portable Small Stick Welder ARC160
Portable Small Stick Welder ARC160

ARCCAPTAIN ARC160 110/220V SYN Portable Small Stick Welder

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The ARCCAPTAIN ARC160 is a 160 Amps dual voltage synergic stick welding machine, which supports 2 welding modes, including MMA and lift TIG.


It integrates MCU control and an IGBT inverter and is currently the best ARC welding machine on the market for under $200. The ARCCAPTAIN ARC160 can also be easily taken outdoors for repairs and various DIY welding projects.



1.Focus on Your Safety More

We ensure the safety of our customers by providing an overcurrent/over voltage/overcurrent/overload/overheating prevention feature based on VRD.


2.MCU Control and IGBT Inverter Technology

The leader in digital welding machines. All of our welding machines adopt advanced technology to make your welding more efficient.


3.Synergic function, Easy to use

After starting the SYN function, you only need to choose the diameter of the welding rod, and you don't need to adjust the current, you can get a better welding effect.


4.Wide Application

You can use our welding machine in a various scenarios including Construction, Automotive, General Fabrication, Maintenance & Repair, Repair Welding,etc. It is an ideal for beginners and the welders.who are learning to weld and that want to make small repairs around the house.


5. 2 Years Warranty

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  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Hassle-Free Warranty

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ARCCAPTAIN ARC160 110/220V SYN Portable Small Stick Welder

Translation missing: en.products.product.price.regular_price $89.99
Translation missing: en.products.product.price.sale_price $89.99 Translation missing: en.products.product.price.regular_price $139.99
ARCCAPTAIN ARC160 Is a affordable Portable Stick Welder that Meets Both Home DIY Begginners or Professional Welder,which has multiple functions and high-end quality,which has the Compact and Powerful design.

ARCCAPTAIN ARC160 is currently the best portable stick welder in the market under $200 .

ARC160 support WP-17V 10-25 style tig torch.


Input Voltage 110/220V
Input Power 110V(5KVA)/ 220V(7.1KVA)
Current Range 110V(20-160A)/ 220V(20-160A)
No-load Voltage 65V
Rated Duty Cycle


(The testing need be done at an ambient temperature of 20°C)

Electrode Diameter


Effciency(%) 85
Protection Degree IP21S
Insulation Grade H
Machine Weight 11.73 lbs
Machine Size 14.37" * 6.30" * 13.00"
Portable 160Amps Stick Welding Machine ARC160
Portable 160Amps Stick Welding Machine ARC160
quality test for ARC160


  • Synergic Control Function- Automaticly matching of recommend current and voltage after diameter of welding electronic is selected.You can also adjust current manually.Professionals welder and beginners can use it easily when welding metaland repairing around the house.
  • MMA/lift TIG Welder - 2 welding modes meet your different needs. It features adjustable hot start and arc force, easy to strike an arc, provide smoother welding and lower the probability of arc breaking; Automatic anti-stick avoids electrode sticking in the puddle. Suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel and other metal materials, lift tig also ideal for aluminum (torch not included).
  • Built-in advance MCU control and IGBT inverter control the welding process, ensure continuous arcing stability, good flow, less spatter and responds immediately to any changes, get a high efficient welding and great welds. It also can automatic saving of last welding parameters, convenience to start next welding work quickly.
  • Light Weight & Large LED Display - Unique human-computer Interaction LED screen design, provides you accurate data display and make you read easier and more clear without taking off helmet. The mini arc welder only weight 11.73 lbs, easy to carry with handle or shoulder strap(included), very suitable for outdoor maintenance, farm, road equipment, home DIY.
  • Quality Assurance- Our welder machine was passed various authoritative Laboratory tests in simulating extremely harsh environments before leaving factory that conform to the high standards. 

What's in Box:

  • 1 * ARCCAPTAIN MMA/lift TIG Welder
  • 1 * 10FT Electrode Holder
  • 1 * 10FT Earth Clamp
  • 1 * 110/220V Adapter
  • 1 * Shoulder Strap
  • 1 * Wire Brush
  • 1 * User Manual

MCU Digital Control

The stick welder features advance MCU digital control achieves Intelligent synergy, the recommend current and voltage can be automatically matched after selected diameter of welding electrodes, also you can adjust welding current according to welding habits and actual welding conditions. Easy to use for begginners and professinals.

High Welding Efficiency

  • Hot Start: Start arc easily and efficiently during starting to welding, provide reliable and high quality arc starting.
  • Arc Force: Provide smooth and continuously arc, maintains deeper penetration and ensures stable welding arc.
  • Automatic Anti-stick: Avoid electrode sticking in the workpiece during welding, safe and convenience for beginners, ensures no sticking and smooth welds.

Quality Accessories

  • 10ft Electrode Holder with strong clamping force, plenty long enough,convinience to use
  • 10 ft ground clamp with copper clip,sturdy and durable
  • Comes with 110/200V adapter,you can plug into any common power supply
  • Easy to carry with shoulder strap or handle whether working to aerial work, indoor and outdoor work etc.
  • Brush is used to remove dross.

Where are our machines tested?

Our machines undergo strict quality testing in certified TÜV Rheinland laboratories to ensure better machines are sent to customers

Strict Quality Test

Each welding machine from the ARCCAPTAIN factory passed 300+ Authoritative Laboratory tests in simulating extremely harsh environments.

  • 1. Vibration test
  • 2. Drop test
  • 3. Waterproof test
  • 4. Metal dust test
  • 5. Prolonged load test
  • 6. Conducted interference test
  • 7. High-low temperature test
  • 8. Power switch durability test
  • 9. Water spray test
  • 10. Transportation simulation test

Typical Application

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • General Fabrication
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Repair Welding
    About US

    We are the experts in the field of digital welding and have rich experience in welding machine manufacturing.

    The story of Arccaptain started in 2003, which is the leading digital welding machine manufacturer, aiming to provide high-quality welding solutions for distributors in the welding industry and customers who are passionate about DIY.

    More than 300 dealers in over 100 different countries have found success selling our welding equipment over the past two decades.

    At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of digital welding machines and popularize better welding technology, all our products have passed the test of TÜV&CSA witness laboratory, and we established a R&D center for welding machines.

    strict quality control

    Listening to customers’ opinions and responding to their needs allowed us to accumulate a wealth of experience in the welding field. We have also invested considerable effort in learning about the wants and concerns of online shoppers.

    Finally, we realized the importance of solving problems directly for consumers, so we created a DTC brand.

    As a digital welding machine manufacturer, ARCCAPTAIN's mission is to let more people who love welding and have DIY welding needs use our machines and fall in love with our machines.

    We have a clear understanding of our strengths and future objectives owing to our continuous efforts to improve the technology behind welding machine manufacturing and our extensive financial investments in the emerging field of digital welding machines.

    the professional welder

    Our Slogan

    Digital Welding Expert, Know You More

    We want to share our enthusiasm in the field of welding machines with more friends, and we also want to hear the voices of more people who love welding. We will usher in a new era in digital welding.

    Why Choose Arccaptain

    •  We study the needs of more than 10,000+ end customers
    • We have twenty years of manufacturing experience
    • We have a huge R&D center for electric welding machines
    • Our machines are easier to operate and use, even for newbies

    Why buy our machines with confidence

    • Our welding machine production process strictly abides by the specifications
    • We manufacture welding machines that have undergone various high-specification tests
    • We offer unlimited customer support
    • We provide perfect after-sales service
    • All machines have a two-year warranty
    • Lifetime Technical Support

     Our mission

    We are committed to creating a welding machine brand that customers like and respect and becoming a leader in the field of digital welding machines

    Our Goals

    Our goal is to serve more than 300,00 users within the next five years, giving our clients a sense of value and satisfaction with our offerings.

    We are here to break boundaries
    We strive to help people weld at their best, regardless of their skill or profession and feel 100% confident in the machine’s ability, precision and reliability.

    Power & Performance
    ARCCAPTAIN® digital inverter welders have been designed to get the maximum power output from a compact unit, helping you achieve the welds you’ve dreamed of. We relentlessly test every machine with best in the field welding experts to ensure your machine can sustain the heavy demands and needs of any welder.

    ARCCAPTAIN® equipment has been designed to withstand even the toughest of conditions from rough job sites to rural properties, we guarantee our products will last. We are so confident in our machines durability.

    We search globally for what’s next in the industry ensuring that every product we create, has been built for a specific purpose through new technologies and superior engineering, meeting the needs you didn’t know you had.

    A Welder For Everyone
    ARCCAPTAIN® welders are used all over USA and Europe, from small backyard projects to large infrastructure projects such as high-rises, coalmines and Navy warships. Our comprehensive range of machines and equipment cover every level of performance and budget.

    Our Concept

    Customer First -- We will always provide customer support, answer questions, and help customers find better solutions. ARCCAPTAIN knows that 100% customer satisfaction is our goal.

    Integrity management -- We will always operate in good faith, face our problems objectively, and not make false propaganda.

    Harmony and tolerance -- Harmony is our calm and orderly work, tolerance and understanding of interpersonal relationships, and establishing internal and external harmony, unity from top to bottom, and a good atmosphere in the company’s social relations.

    Quality first -- we will strictly abide by the principle of quality first, continuously improve manufacturing technology, and optimize product quality

    Protect the environment -- As a company, we want to do our part to make the world a better place by protecting the environment while also making efficient use of the world’s resources.

    Shipping Policy

    Usually most packages will arrive within 5-10 business days, unless the logistics company encounters special circumstances. We will process your order within 3 days after you place the order. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, our team is also on hand 7 days a week and can be reached at

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    At ARCCAPTAIN, it’s our mission to provide quality welding equipment at genuinely affordable prices to welders everywhere. To do this, we work with manufacturers across the world and use a global distribution network to get you the goods for less.

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    Warranty & Return

    Statement of Limited Liability

    ARCCAPTAIN Welder expressly warrants to all purchasers (“Buyer”) of all new welding and cutting equipment, helmet, and replacement parts (“Goods”) that Goods shall be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship which are discovered within the warranty period, subject to the disclaimers and limitations of the Statement. This warranty is void if the equipment has been subjected to improper installation and testing, improper care, unauthorized repair and modification, or abnormal operations.

    Warranty Period

    We will assume both the parts replacement and repair expense of correcting defects during the warranty period. All warranty periods start from the date of delivery and are as follows:

    Warranty Statement for Welder:

    Seller will assume both the parts replacement and repair expense of correcting defects during the warranty period.  All warranty periods start from the date of delivery and are as follows:

    The Arccaptain Machine Warranty

    MACHINE MODEL Warranty Time
    ARC200 2 Years 
    ARC160 2 Years 
    MIG130 2 Years 
    MIG200 2 Years 
    CUT50 2 Years 
    DC TIG200 2 Years 
    TIG200P AC/DC 5 Years

      If the items purchased within the scale above become defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within a period of  2 years from the date of purchase, we guarantee to do one of the following, though you may be required to pay shipping costs for the return of the product to us and shipment of the repaired/replaced product to you:

      • Replace or repair all defective parts,
      • Repair a defective unit
      • Replace the unit with a new or reconditioned unit.

      Warranty for Weld Helmet 

      180 days standard warranty

      Weld Helmet

      Warranty Statement for Weld Parts

      90 days standard warranty

      • Replacement Parts
      • Torch accessories/ consumables /Welding Gauges 
      • Tungsten 

      Buyer must contact Seller requesting warranty coverage within thirty (30) days from the date the defect is made known to the Buyer at

      This Limited Warranty is subject to the following conditions:

      • Require proof of purchase including order number and place of purchase.
      • The item has not been misused, abused, neglected, altered, modified, or repaired by anyone other than the ARCCAPTAIN’s authorized service center.
      • Defect or damage to the item has not resulted from the use of accessories or parts that are inappropriate for normal operation of the tool, or that are not designed for use with the item.
      • The item has not been subjected to fair wear and tear.
      • The item has not been used for trade purposes.
      • The item has not been used for rental purposes.
      • The item has not sustained damage through foreign objects, substances, or accidents.

      Limitation and Disclaimer

      Goods are intended for commercial and industrial users who are trained and experienced in the use and maintenance of welding equipment.  Buyer's remedies shall be limited exclusively to those provided in this Statement.  There are no express warranties other than those contained herein. Seller does not warrant any portion of the Goods not manufactured by Seller or its associates (whether or not specified by Buyer), but Seller shall assign to Buyer upon request all assignable warranties on product of Seller's suppliers related to such Goods.  Seller does not warrant that it or the Goods are in compliance with any entity, organization or industry standards, guidelines, or procedures unless specifically contained in a writing signed by Seller.


      Freight Cost

      Buyer is responsible for shipment to and from the Seller’s warehouse, or a service facility authorized by Seller.  More detail about return policy.


      To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

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      Exceptions / non-returnable items
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      European Union 14 day cooling off period
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      If more than 15 business days have passed since we’ve approved your return, please contact us at