Welding Caps

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Welcome to ArcCaptain's selection of Welding Caps, where functionality meets durability. Carefully constructed to deliver essential head protection and comfort, our caps are suited for various types of welding work.

No matter the welding job—be it in a high-stakes professional setting or pursuing a personal project—our Welding Caps are a vital component of your safety gear.

Pair your choice with our protective gear for complete safety, and explore our top-of-the-line TIG welders and portable plasma cutters to tackle your projects with precision and power. ArcCaptain equips you with excellence in every weld.

Welder CAP 2 Pack for Reliable Protection

Select from our Welder Cap 2 Packs for dependable defense against the everyday dangers of welding. Constructed with flame-resistant fabrics, these caps form a protective barrier to combat the sparks and spatter that come with the territory. With durability as a cornerstone of our designs, ArcCaptain strives to equip welders with caps that are not only safe but resilient, enduring through countless work sessions.

Our caps are made with flame-resistant materials, ensuring a barrier against the common hazards faced during welding tasks. The resilient fabric choice is central to the design, aiming to keep welders safe from sparks and spatter.

Welding Caps Designed for Comfort and Function

Long hours of welding require gear that won't become a distraction. That's why our caps are crafted to provide a comfortable fit, featuring breathable fabrics and sweatbands that manage perspiration, keeping your focus sharp and your head cool.

Built to Endure

The longevity of your gear is critical. ArcCaptain takes pride in the durability of its Welding Caps. They're designed to retain their shape and function through repeated use and regular washing, offering a sensible, long-term addition to your welding apparel.

A Personal Touch

Welding is a craft, and every craftsperson has their own style. Our collection includes a variety of designs, allowing you to choose one that aligns with your personal aesthetic. Stand out or blend in—the choice is yours.

Universal Fitting

A cap should fit well. Our range includes options with adjustable features to accommodate different head sizes, ensuring that everyone can find a Welding Cap that sits securely and comfortably.

A Cap for All Occasions

While perfect for welding, these caps are also great for other tasks requiring head protection. They fit easily under helmets and can be used across a wide range of industrial activities.

Check out our Welding Caps and enhance your gear with a cap that offers protection, comfort, and a bit of character.

Frequently Asked Questions on Welding Caps

What are welding caps for?

Welding caps are designed to protect the welder's head from sparks, spatter, and heat that are prevalent during the welding process. They also serve to absorb sweat, which is particularly beneficial when wearing a welding helmet, and can keep longer hair tucked away to maintain safety and visibility.

What size welding cap do I need?

To determine the appropriate size for a welding cap, measure the circumference of your head where a hat would normally sit, which is just above your ears and about half an inch above your eyebrows. Use this measurement to compare with the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer, as sizes can vary between brands.

Which way do you wear a welding cap?

Welding caps are typically worn with the bill of the cap extending sideways to protect the ears and side of the head from sparks and spatter. However, some welders may choose to wear the bill in the back to protect the neck, especially when welding overhead. The direction can be adjusted based on personal preference and the specific requirements of the welding task.

Can you weld without a welding cap?

While it is possible to weld without a welding cap, it is not recommended due to the lack of protection it provides. A welding cap is an important piece of personal protective equipment that helps shield your head from welding hazards. Omitting it could lead to burns from sparks and spatter or heat-related discomfort, which may affect your safety and concentration during work.

What is a welding cap made of?

Welding caps are typically made from flame-resistant materials, such as 100% cotton treated for flame resistance or other specialized fabrics designed to withstand high temperatures. The materials used are chosen for their ability to prevent burns and resist ignition, providing the welder with an essential layer of protection.