200 Amps Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
200 Amps Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
200 Amps Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
200 Amps Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
200 Amps Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
200 Amps Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
TIG200P AC DC Welder Pro Set

ARCCAPTAIN TIG200P AC DC Multi Process Pulse TIG Aluminum Welder

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AC DC TIG200P is currently our most powerful, best-selling, and best-rated high-performance Pulse Aluminum TIG Welder, which has been recognized by many users, especially in aluminum welding and thin plate welding projects. It is the first high-end welder that can promise to support a 5-year warranty.

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Product Features

Welding effects demonstrated with different aluminum thicknesses

The AC/DC TIG 200P welder is a powerful aluminum TIG welding machine that offers welding with TIG AC Square/Triangular/Pulse Square/Pulse Triangular/DC Pulse/DC/STICK methods. It can be used for welding various metals, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and copper.

The patented DASH-ARC technology improves arc striking speed, welding efficiency, and results, while the pulse, square, and triangular waveform functions prevent material burning, minimize distortion, and improve bead appearance. The digital control system makes the machine reliable and stable, and the large LED display allows for easy parameter adjustment.

The TIG200P AC DC Pulse Tig Aluminum Welder is lightweight and compact at only 12 kg (26.5lb). Plus, included safety features like VRD, over-current, over-voltage, overload, and over-temperature protection make it user-friendly and reliable.

Moreover, you can choose between 2T/4T/Spot welding TIG torch control and foot pedal remote control methods for a more versatile welding experience. This is a great choice for pro welders!

Tig 200P AC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
tig200p Tig Aluminum Welder With PulseAC/DC Tig Aluminum WelderTig Aluminum Welder With PulseTig Aluminum Welder tig200pAC/DC Tig Aluminum Welder
  • Powerful TIG Welder AC/DC: Welds TIG AC Square/Triangular/Pulse Square/Triangular, TIG DC Pulse/DC, and Stick up to 160A with MMA welding. Ideal for finesse welding aluminum alloys, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, etc.
  • PATENTED DASH-ARC TECHNOLOGY: The unique DASH-ARC technology patent improve arc striking speed from 200ms to 40ms, 99.99% arc striking success rate, which improve welding efficiency and get better welding results. Digital constant current regulation technology ensures low noise and high stable arc quality in the full specification. it also protect tungsten against damage.
  • Equipped with pulse, square, & triangular waveforms, this ac/dc TIG welder prevents burning & distortion, moderates bead appearance, & reduces heat input. Square wave quickly switches polarity, providing dynamic arc & oxide film cleaning for precise, stable aluminum welding. No matter your skill level, you'll be satisfied.
  • This ARCCAPTAIN TIG200P multi-process pulse Tig welder features a reliable and stable MCU Digital Control System with adjustable digital welding parameters, such as Pre-flow, Initial current, Up-slope, Peak current, Base current, Down-slope, Crater current, and Post-flow. Plus, it has 2T/4T/Spot welding TIG torch control and foot pedal remote control (not included) for enhanced welding performance.
  • LARGE LED DISPLAY & COMPACT: The user-friendly and simple interface enables the operators to set it easily and efficient, data and dynamic output current will be display immediately .Spike withstanding IGBT save space and weight, it’s only 12 kg(26.5lb) . No heavy carrying!
  • SAFETY UPGRADE: VRD, over current, over voltage, over current, over-load, overheating protection function, when the mentioned problems occoured, the alarm lamp on the front panel will be on and the output current will be cut off. It can self-protect and prolong the using life.
  • WARM SERVICE & NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: Every welder machine is inspected rigorously in harsh simulated environments prior to delivery, all in accordance with our high standards. If you have any queries, our customer service team is here for you – they'll provide you with helpful advice and how-to's to get the best out of your ARCCAPTAIN model.

Technical Parameters

The ARCCAPTAIN TIG200P AC/DC Pulse Tig Aluminum Welder offers excellent welding performance and versatility when working with aluminum. Thanks to its AC/DC capabilities, you'll have access to adjustable pulse characteristics and a wide range of welding modes. This creates an ideal environment for welding aluminum, making it an ideal choice for those working with this metal.

Project Name



Power voltage




Input frequency



Rated input current


33@TIG 35@MMA

Capacity of power supply


6.0@TIG 7.5@MMA

Output current range (TIG)


10~120(110 v)

10~200 (220v)

Output current range (MMA)




Arc force range



Hot start current range



No-load voltage



Rated working voltage


18@TIG 26.4@MMA

AC output frequency



AC balance



Background level



Pulse frequency


0.5~200 (DC)  


Pulse duty factor



Pre-flow time



Post-flow time



Rising time



Fall time



Remote control



Arc start mode


HF arc starter

Efficiency (%)



Duty cycle (%)


TIG: 200@25% -

MMA: 160@25%

Power factor



Type of cooling


Air cooled

Working temperature range



Storage temperature range



Protection class



Insulation class



What is in the box

USA Version AC DC TIG200P

  • 1X TIG Torch
  • 1X Ground Clamp
  • 1X Accessories
  • 1X Gas regulator
  • 1x Air Hose
  • 1X Owner’s Manual

Warm suggestion

Before using the AC DC TIG200P, it's recommended to adjust your machine using test parameters.

Pre-flow time: 0.5s
Starting current: 50A
Rising time: 0s
Welding current: 100A
Fall time: 0s
Ending current: 20A
AC frequency: 100HZ
Cleaning width: 30%
Welding material: 5mm aluminum plate
Tungsten electrode diameter: 2.4mm

Matching Accessories
Review Video

Curious about what our Tig200P can do? These review videos from actual owners provide an inside look at its capabilities. Watch as our users put the Tig200P to the test, tackling everything from delicate projects to heavy-duty tasks. They share their thoughts on the machine's performance, ease of use, and the quality of their welds. Each video offers a different perspective, giving you a well-rounded view of what to expect from the Tig200P. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, these reviews will help you understand why the Tig200P is a go-to choice for quality welding.


A Powerful Tool for Professional Welders


Best product ever! Highly recommend.

Easily repair your car, cost-effective machine

Multi Process Aluminum Welding Machine

36% increase in arc initiation efficiency

Multifunctional AC DC TIG welder

This machine possesses all the features you could think of, particularly excelling in aluminum welding, where it outperforms comparable machines by 36%.

Comprehensive AC & DC Modes

AC Square, AC Triangular, AC Pulse Square, AC Pulse Triangular, DC Pulse, and MMA for diverse welding applications.


Pulse function helps you weld thin plates more easily

³/₆₄ inch to ¼ inch thickness

Capable of welding a variety of metal materials, it's a professional welder's tool of choice.


This ac dc TIG welder also features TIG spot welding capabilities.

Outstanding stick welding function

Equipped with outstanding stick welding function,