At ArcCaptain, we are dedicated to providing high-quality welding machines to meet your welding needs. We understand that your choice is a testament to your trust and support in our brand, and this is what drives us to continuously improve. Now, we invite you to become our brand ambassador and share your moments of using ArcCaptain machines with the world.

Why Share?

Sharing your welding moments helps other potential customers get a glimpse of the real-world performance and versatility of ArcCaptain machines. Your experiences can provide valuable insights for them and aid in making informed purchase decisions. Additionally, your feedback helps us enhance our products to better serve your needs.

Sharing is Easy:

  1. Capture: Use your ArcCaptain welding machine to capture those proud moments. Whether it's a DIY project at home or a professional application at the job site, we want to see your work.

  2. Share: Upload your photos and video to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more. In your posts, be sure to use the hashtag #ArcCaptain so that we can find your share.

  3. Notify Us: After sharing, send an email to, including your social media username and links, along with the photos you uploaded.

Rewarding Your Share:

  1. Surprise Gift Package: For sharing photos on social media, we'll send you a special ArcCaptain gift package as a token of our appreciation.

  2. Win a Free Machine: Share your ArcCaptain welding machine video on YouTube, and you could win a free ArcCaptain machine! Your video should showcase your welding skills and the machine's performance. We'll select outstanding entries for this exciting reward.

  3. Exclusive New Product Experience: By being part of our community, you'll get a sneak peek and the chance to experience our latest products before they hit the market. Your valuable feedback will help shape the future of ArcCaptain.

Your Share Inspires Others:

Your photos and video will be showcased globally, inspiring more people to try ArcCaptain welding machines and join our community. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a professional welder, or an engineer, your story has the power to encourage others to pursue their welding dreams.

Join the ArcCaptain brand family and be our brand ambassador. Share your welding stories, and let more people discover the quality and reliability of ArcCaptain. Together, let's weld a brighter future!

Please Note:

  • Ensure your shared content is legal and compliant and does not contain any harmful or offensive material.
  • Make sure your social media accounts are public so that we can view your shares.

Thank you for choosing ArcCaptain. Let's spread the joy and skill of welding together!