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The Tips When Use the ARC Welder

Nov 16, 2022

The Tips When Use the ARC Welder

As the quality of electric welding machines is getting higher and higher, the probability of safety accidents when people use electric welding machines has gradually decreased in the past few years But arc welding is still an unsafe activity that requires our great attention.This is true even for the most experienced workers. If you are responsible for the safety of your crew or are an independent manufacturer, these tips will help you keep yourself and others safe.

There are some simple tips when use the ARC welding machine, which will help you enhance your stick welding skills. Let us drive in.

1.Necessary Welding Protective Gears

Be sure to wear all required protective gears before engaging in any welding work include the welding Helmet, welding gloves, welding apron.

There are some quality welding parts you can find in ARCCAPTAIN official site.

If you light your rod, make sure you are relaxed. There is nothing worse than getting tendonitis or carpel tunnel.

2.Follow the users' manual

The user’s manual will consist of important safety information, and warning labels on equipment show off you what specifically to avoid doing. Knowing welding process, state, welding process and local codes ensure that safe working practices are being followed. Make sure that you are applying the right arc welder. It must have a seal approval from the appropriate organizations. You should ensure that the welder is professionally installed.

3.The appropriate voltage

Excessive heat is generated during the welding process, which means that the power voltage generated is too large. However, the standard voltage used in each region may be different, make sure that the arc welder you buy matches the local voltage requirements.

4. Avoid electric shock and keep the working area clean

Arc welders typically work at a range of 80v to 120v. The shock can be life threatening, particularly if there are prior health conditions, and it can cause workers to fall or stumble into other equipment. Do not come into contact with the electrode or the work circuit, and do not open the internal circuits while the unit is live.

5.Shield eyes and skin from UV ray and Avoid burns

Always wear out ARCCAPTAIN 16 inches Multifunction Cowhide Leather Welding Gloves without holes and a proper ARC Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. Do not wear out shorts or short sleeves and cover up exposed areas of the skin with Heavy Duty Thick Leather Welding Apron.Keep far away from handling hot metal or equipment that has recently been welded. If handling it is necessary, use insulated ARCCAPTAIN 16 inches Leather Welding Gloves. Let equipment to cool down before using it again.

After removing the welding helmet, wear goggles or safety glasses to avoid slag from entering the eyes. About some types of equipment and welding process can create a lot of noise, so it is important to wear hearing protection equipment.

6.Regular maintenance of equipment to avoid inhalation of harmful gases

Avoid overuse of your equipment as this can cause it overheating. Give time for cooling and lower the current if this occurs. Change any damaged equipment immediately. Keep away cables from oil and dirt and make sure that electric cables are not frayed. Welding should always be done in a properly ventilated space. Certain of the materials being welded produce toxic fumes which are harmful not only to the person welding but to the people close by as well. Some of such materials are rod fluxes and other materials containing elements of zinc, cadmium, and mercury. Also, if not have proper ventilation, the person welding could collapse, and such an incident could be fatal.

7.Protect against explosions

Sparks from welding can bring about flammable gasses to ignite. In a confined space such as a drum, tanker, or pipe, this can cause an explosion. The welding process uses gas cylinders at high pressure. Keep far away enough to avoid sparks or slag and protect them from excessive heat. The space in which the welding is one should be fireproof.

The first way of doing this would be to make structural and design changes to the space. These changes include making things like improving the arc welding technique and ensure that the floor is concrete to avoid sparking and using fire-resistant curtains. When such type of changes cannot be made, then it is highly advisable to move combustible materials away from the site of welding. Do not smoke cigarettes around the area where the welding is being done.

8.Maintain a safe work environment

Keep away your work environment from clutter to avoid falls or other accidents. Avoid work on welder in wet areas or areas which are too cramped. Make sure that all workers have knowledge the safety rules and are following them.

List of recommended welding safety gear:

  • when the noise is high then earplug or muffs
  • Leather safety boots
  • Use ARCCAPTAIN 16 inches Multifunction Cowhide Leather Welding Gloves.
  • Safety glasses or an ARC Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with a cover plate: the cover plate's opaqueness is important and dependent on the kind of materials being welded.
  • Protection from the toxic perfumes for respirators
  • Do not work on the welder if any of your clothing is wet.
  • A person who utilizes a pacemaker is advised not to do the welding.

In any case, make sure you take the above precautions along with your welding equipment, always make sure that a first aid kit, fire blanket, fire extinguisher are readily available, and make sure the welder or those in the work area know the procedures to perform before any medical help arrives victim's life.

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