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The Best Budget Plasma Cutter Arccaptain CUT50 Review 2024

Oct 19, 2023

The Best Budget Plasma Cutter Arccaptain CUT50 Review 2024


In this review, we dive into the world of plasma cutting with the Arccaptain Cut50. We'll explore its features, unbox the package, and put it to the test on various materials, from mild steel to aluminum and stainless steel. Join us on this journey to see if this plasma cutter can live up to the challenge.

Unboxing the Arccaptain Cut50:
We start by unboxing the Arccaptain Cut50, a 220-volt plasma cutter. Inside the package, we find a 220 to 110 adapter, which allows you to use the cutter on 110 volts if needed. There's also an air hose, the cutting torch with connectors, the earth ground, a strap, a warranty card, and contact information for customer service. Arccaptain provides all the essentials for a smooth plasma cutting experience.

Machine Overview:
The Arccaptain Cut50 is designed for 220-volt operation, offering an output range between 20 and 50 amps. You can adjust the amperage as needed for your specific cutting job. The machine is equipped with various operation modes, including 4T and 2T modes. Plus, it allows you to set preferences like post-gas duration. The control panel is straightforward, making it easy for users to customize their cutting experience.

Testing on Different Materials:
Now, let's put the Arccaptain Cut50 to the test. We'll cut through various materials of different thicknesses, ranging from 18 to 10 gauge for sheet metal. Starting at 30 amps, we make our way through the metals. The results are impressive, with clean and precise cuts.

As we move to thicker materials, including 1/4 inch and even 3/8 inch steel, we adjust the amperage to 50 amps. The Arccaptain Cut50 doesn't disappoint, delivering quality cuts on these tougher materials. The clean lines and minimal slag show its capabilities on thicker metal sheets.

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Expanded Metal:
We shift our focus to 1/8-inch aluminum, 1/8-inch stainless steel, and 1/4-inch expanded metal. The Arccaptain Cut50's performance remains impressive. It's clear that this plasma cutter can handle a variety of metals with ease.

The high-frequency plasma cutter does not feature a pilot arc, meaning the tip must contact the material to initiate the cut. Even with slightly rusted or coated surfaces, the machine performs admirably, leaving behind clean, precise cuts.

Tackling 3/4 Inch Steel:
The ultimate test comes with a 3/4-inch steel plate. After outfitting the cutter with a fresh nozzle and electrode, we're ready to take on this thick piece. The Arccaptain Cut50 cuts through most of the steel cleanly. There's a small missed spot towards the end, but the machine showcases its ability to handle substantial thicknesses.

The Arccaptain Cut50 plasma cutter proves to be a versatile and powerful tool. It performs admirably across various materials and thicknesses, from thin sheet metal to hefty steel plates. With its straightforward controls and efficient cutting ability, it's a valuable addition to any project or workshop. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the Arccaptain Cut50 can help you achieve clean, precise cuts with ease.

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