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Learning how to TIG weld made easy ARCCAPTAIN TIG200P

Nov 09, 2023

Learning how to TIG weld made easy ARCCAPTAIN TIG200P

Welcome back to the world of Mad Ginger Customs! Today, we're diving deep into the exhilarating realm of Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding. Join us on this captivating journey as we explore the intricate settings, machine types, and practical applications that make TIG welding a true art form.

Rectifier vs. Inverter: A Choice to Make
Your welding journey begins with the choice of TIG welding machines. Rectifier machines, reminiscent of refrigerators, stand as enduring workhorses, while the nimble inverter machines gain prominence. We'll shine a spotlight on the Arccaptain MIG200 6-in-1, a versatile inverter machine stealing the show.

Arccaptain MIG200 6-in-1: A Marvel of Versatility
Delve into the world of the Arccaptain MIG200, a machine that masters both MIG and TIG welding in DC mode. Explore its aluminum welding capabilities through a spool gun, setting the stage for our focus on ACDC TIG welding.

Unveiling the Arccaptain TIG200P

AC and DC Capabilities: A Powerhouse Unleashed
Meet the Arccaptain TIG200P, the latest addition to our marvelous repertoire. This machine boasts AC and DC capabilities, offering two distinct waveforms: the timeless square wave and the remarkable triangular wave. We're about to plunge into the depths of these waveforms shortly.

User-Friendly Marvels
Discover the user-friendly features of Arccaptain machines, including a multi-function knob for effortless amperage adjustment. Uncover the pulse feature's magic, providing unparalleled control over heat, amperage, and voltage for a welding process that approaches perfection.

Argon: The Noble Guardian
Unlike MIG welding, TIG welding relies on noble argon gas for protection. Learn the art of mastering gas flow parameters, including pre-purge and post-purge rituals, to achieve impeccably clean welds. Beware of the disruptive influence of a fan during welding.

Navigating Machine Settings

AC vs. DC: Matching Materials
Dance elegantly with aluminum using the AC setting and step forward with DC for steel, titanium, and stainless steel affairs. Explore the flexibility of the Arccaptain MIG200 with options like 2T, 4T, and spot welding for tailored solutions.

The Art of Tungsten
Thoriated vs. Lanthanated: Choosing Wisely
Tungsten plays a critical role in TIG welding. Explore the shift from thoriated tungsten to alternatives like lanthanated tungsten for safety. The Arccaptain machines typically come with a trusty 1/16-inch seriated tungsten for various applications.

Cups, Caps, and Collets: The Torch Ensemble
Assembling the torch becomes a captivating affair, involving components like cups, caps, and collets. Gas lenses, while not mandatory, can grant superior gas coverage akin to fine artistry. Selecting these elements with impeccable grinding techniques leads to flawless welds.

The Welding Process Unveiled

Fusion Pass to Filler Rod: A Dance of Precision
Embark on the welding process, starting with the rudimentary fusion pass. Master the dance of the welding puddle before introducing the filler rod. Focus on puddle management, pedal control, and torch manipulation for key stepping stones towards welding excellence.

Aluminum Welding: A Formidable Task
Transition into the intricate realm of aluminum welding, adjusting amperage diligently, and exercising superior control over the welding puddle. The forceful addition of the filler rod, coupled with deliberate puddle manipulation, paves the way to triumphant aluminum welding endeavors.


TIG welding stands as a craft that flourishes with practice and experience. Spend quality time honing your skills, engaging in consistent practice, and minding the finest of details. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced welder, the tools bestowed upon you by Arccaptain machines will prove to be steadfast allies on your pulsating welding sojourn.

Thank you for joining us on this exhilarating welding journey at Mad Ginger Customs. Share your thoughts and questions in the comments. With dedication and the right equipment, you possess the power to master the sublime art of TIG welding. Until we meet again, keep the welding torch burning bright!


Q: Can I use the Arccaptain MIG200 for aluminum welding?
A: Yes, the Arccaptain MIG200 can handle aluminum welding with the use of a spool gun.

Q: What is the primary shielding gas used in TIG welding?
A: TIG welding relies on noble argon gas to envelop the welding region with a protective cocoon.

Q: Why is tungsten selection crucial in TIG welding?
A: The proper size and type of tungsten, along with meticulous grinding techniques, guarantee a pristine and effective welding voyage.

Q: What are the distinct waveforms offered by the Arccaptain TIG200P?
A: The Arccaptain TIG200P offers both the timeless square wave and the remarkable triangular wave.

Q: How can I achieve superior gas coverage in TIG welding?
A: Gas lenses, while not mandatory, can grant superior gas coverage, akin to fine artistry, in TIG welding.

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