Aluminum TIG Welders

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Aluminum TIG Welders (with Foot Pedal Option)

Explore our exclusive range of Aluminum Welders, designed for those who seek precision in welding aluminum. ArcCaptain welders combine power with finesse, offering an unmatched welding experience.

Discover our full TIG Welder Collection and MIG Welders Collection for more options. Consider our premium ArcCaptain welding guns and torches as well; they're made to go well with your TIG welding tasks.

TIG Welding Aluminum Simplified

Our TIG welders simplify the complex task of welding aluminum - ensuring that even beginners can achieve professional results with minimal effort.

High-Performance Aluminum TIG Welding Process

Discover welders that don't compromise on performance. Each machine in our collection guarantees consistent, high-quality welds on aluminum, suitable for both intricate and robust welding guns tasks.

TIG Welder for Aluminum Welding Projects

Whether you're tackling automotive repairs or artistic metalwork, our  TIG Welders are up to the task. Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of projects.

User-Friendly & High Performance

We understand the importance of a hassle-free welding process. That's why our MIG and TIG welders come with features like easy-to-adjust controls, clear displays, or foot pedals - making your welding experience as smooth as possible.

Durable Aluminum TIG Welding Equipment

Invest in welders that last. ArcCaptain Aluminum Welders are constructed for durability, providing you with a reliable welder tool that supports your endeavors for years to come.

Aluminum TIG Welding Machines to Enhance Your Skills

Elevate your welding expertise with ArcCaptain's selection of Aluminum TIG Welders - from stick welders, inverters, tig torches, and more. Dive into our collection and discover the ideal tool to refine your skills and take your projects to new heights.

Remember: ArcCaptain is your go-to destination for top-tier Aluminum TIG Welders that enhance your welding capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of TIG welder do I need for aluminum?

For TIG welding aluminum, you need a welder capable of AC (Alternating Current) output. Aluminum requires AC for effective welding because it helps to clean the oxide layer that forms on aluminum surfaces. A TIG welder with AC capability and adjustable balance control is ideal for aluminum welding.

What gas is used for TIG welding aluminum? 

Argon is the preferred gas for TIG welding aluminum, offering better cleaning action and arc stability.

Do you TIG weld aluminum with DC or AC settings?

Aluminum is welded with AC settings due to the need to break through the oxide layer that forms on it.

Is TIG welding good for aluminum?

Yes, TIG welding is highly effective for aluminum. It allows for precise and clean welds, making it suitable for thin materials and complex projects. The use of AC in TIG welding is particularly beneficial for aluminum, as it helps to break the oxide layer and achieve a strong, clean weld.