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MIG200| 200 Amps Multi-Process Synergic Mig Welding Machine

translation missing: en.products.product.price.regular_price $499.00
translation missing: en.products.product.price.sale_price $499.00 translation missing: en.products.product.price.regular_price



Given its small size and affordable price, this welder is a real bargain. It‚Äôs ideal for the typical DIY project because it can weld practically anything a homeowner could need to. The amperage may be easily adjusted because of the large LCD display. It's compact size makes it light and ultra-portable.


  • 6-in-1 Welder : Gasless Flux Core Wire MIG Weld and Gas MIG Weld, Stick weld, Lift TIG weld, Spot weld and Spool Gun weld (TIG torch and Spool Gun need purchasing separately).
  • Synergetic Setting & Manual Setting : Choose the diameter of wire and material or gas, automatically match current and wire feeding speed, and easy to use for welding learners and beginners. Manual wire feed speed controls allows you to create the perfect weld to meet the professional welders‚Äė needs.
  •  LED Digital Display ‚Äď Read data easier and more clearly without taking off the helmet. The digital display panel is very visible and easy to read.
  • Light Weight|Ultra Portable: Very light, easy to go and travel with. Great for quick jobs around the house or farm.
  • Fan-on-demand: keeps your machine running cool when needed, reduces noise, energy saving and extends the lifespan of the machine.
  • Burn-back adjustment: adaptive crater, pre-flow/post-flow functions will help you improve welding efficiency.
  • Extra Driver Roller Giveaway including V groove,U groove,V-Knurld Drive Roll
mig200 mig machine

MIG200| 200 Amps Multi-Process Synergic Mig Welding Machine

translation missing: en.products.product.price.regular_price $499.00
translation missing: en.products.product.price.sale_price $499.00 translation missing: en.products.product.price.regular_price
Product Description
Arccaptain MIG200 110/220V Synergic multi process welding machine is an excellent choice for light fabrication or auto, home or farm projects. You can also easily carry it anywhere for welding repairs.

Its synergic control makes it easy to tackle thin steel, stainless or aluminum sheet metal with MIG or thicker steel with flux-cored welding.
The multi process welding machine that included Gas/Solid Wire MIG(GMAW), Gasless Flux Core MIG(FCAW),Stick/MMA, Spot welding, Lift TIG, spool gun connector optional.So you can use the machine in different scenarios.
Arccaptain MIG200 supports intelligent digital Synergic control, allowing you to the control current, wire feed speed easily.
MIG200 will match the recommended current and wire feeding speed when selected the diameter of welding wire and gas material automatically.

The Arccaptain MIG200 integrates a high-definition LED display, and the smooth adjustment buttons make the whole machine more beautiful and concise.

6-in-1 MIG Welder MIG200
5 IN ONE MIG 200good performance  Synergic Aluminum Mig Welding Machine


  • 6-in-1 Multi Process MIG Welder : The multi process welding machine that included Gas/Solid Wire MIG(GMAW), Gasless Flux Core MIG(FCAW),Stick/MMA, Spot welding, Lift TIG, spool gun connector optional (tig gun and spool gun not included).
  • Suitable for all kinds of welding¬†wireÔľö.023‚ÄĚ/.030‚ÄĚ/.035‚ÄĚ solid wire, .023‚ÄĚ/.030‚ÄĚ/.035‚ÄĚ flux core wire, .035‚ÄĚ/.045‚ÄĚ aluminum wire.
  • Wide 30-200 amp welding output range.
  • Smart Synergic¬†Control:Match the recommend current and wire feeding speed when selected diameter of welding wire and gas material,automatically.¬†Easy to work with beginners or professional welders.
  • Lightweight and Portable¬†- Only 28.2 lbs.
  • 110v/220v Dual Input Voltage :110V and 220V inputs so you can plug into any common power supply.
  • ¬†Adaptive crater, Burn-back adjustment, pre-flow/post flow
  • Support 2T/4T¬†
  • Memory parameter storage:Up to ten sets of memory data can be saved for your next use.
  • Arc force, Hot Start, Anti-stick Machine: The stick welder mode was built-in arc force, hot Arc and anti-stick, easily start arc, more reliable and less spatter. Digital LED Screen : Display dynamic data instantly, help you read easier and more clear.
  • High-End LED DisplayÔľö
  • Strict Quality Control-- All¬†our welder machine was passed various authoritative Laboratory tests in simulating extremely harsh environments before leaves our factory that conform to the high standards.
  • Pay Attention to your Safety MoreÔľöVRD, over current/over voltage/over current/over load/overheating protection function.


If you need to weld aluminum by connecting a spool gun, please make sure the spool gun you buy matches our machine. Suppot the gun with 4 Pin Aviation Plug.


Supply Voltage  110V/220V 50/60 Hz
 Output Current Under 110V(MIG) 30A-160A
Output Current Under 220V(MIG) 30A-200A
Output Current Under 110V(MMA) 20A-135A
Output Current Under 220V(MMA) 20A-180A
Output Current Under 110V(TIG) 20-135A
Output Current Under 220V(TIG) 20-200A
Rated Duty Cycle  60%
Effciency(%) 85
Insulation Grade H
Protection Degree IP21S
Machine Weight 12.8KG/28.2 lbs
Machine Size 20.9"x8.5"x16.1"
Applicable Wire 0.024"/0.030"/0.035"/0.039"
Applicable Electrode √ė1.6-4.0 mm

The recommend parameter to¬†set¬†up¬†for MIG200.If¬†you¬†dont¬†know¬†how¬†to¬†set¬†upÔľĆthe¬†chart¬†will¬†be¬†a¬†good¬†guide.

Recommend parameter to set up for MIG200
Front panel instruction

Front panel instruction

  • 1. Parameter group setting: Press the parameter switch button "1", choose parameter group "M" LED, switch parameter groups by encoder "V" .
  • 2. Welding Mode Option: You can choose MMA, TIG, MIG and MIG(Spool Gun)
  • 3. MIG diameter Option : Switching in different welding conditions 0.6(.023"), 0.8(.030"), 0.9"(.035") and 1.0(.039") on CO2/MIX and MAG conditions. The Gasless welding only available for 0.6(.023") 0.8(.030"), 0.9"(.035") and 1.0(.039") ET71-GS flux wire.
  • 4. Voltage Adjustment
  • 5. Current Adjustment Button: Manually adjust the current to match your welding needsÔľąWire feed speed range:2-15m/minÔľČ
  • 6. Inductance Adjustment: Adjust soft or hard arc characteristics in MIG mode.
  • 7. Synergic Optional:¬†Turn on the "SYN" button, which is easy to use for beginners. Turn off, you can adjust current by your need for professional.
  • 8. The¬†button¬†to¬†control 2T/4T/Spot Welding:¬†
  • 9. Under Synergic Mode, choose the gas and material as per your needs.

What is the 2T and 4T

2T: Press the gun switch to weld, release the gun switch to stop welding;

4T: Press the gun to start the arc, release the gun switch to continue welding, then press the gun switch to stop the arc, and release the gun switch to end the welding.

Advanced  6-in-1 MIG Welder MIG200 Features

1.Digital Control with MCU Technology

Achieves intelligent synergic welding with accurate current preset, and keep the welding process stable and working in perfect harmony for premium welding results.

2.Preset Parameters and Data Storage

Accurate preset current/voltage

Parameters can be preset and the data can be stored, which is convenient for the next welding. You can set 40 groups parameters as your requirement (MIG/lift TIG/MMA/Spool Gun, each mode can be set 10 groups). It also can be automatically save of last welding parameters.

3.Spool Gun Optional

  • SPOOL GUN WELDING ALUMINUM :Spool gun weld aluminum ensures the great wire feeding performance and arc consistency.
  • Easy to Use:¬†Quick-change, single-turn contact tip provides excellent performance and is easy to replace.
  • Flexibility to be used in the field or working at heights:¬†Gas-shielded welding gun that can really solve long-distance welding.

Note: The spool gun not included.

What's in the box:

  • 1* ARCCAPTAIN MIG Multiprocess Welder
  • 1* MIG Welding Torch
  • 1* Welding Ground Clamp
  • 1* Welding Electronic Holder
  • 1* Welding Gas Hose
  • 1* Brush&Hammer
  • 1* Nozzle
  • 1* Diffuser
  • 1*0.030 Contact Tips,
  • 1*0.035 Contact Tips¬†
  • 1* User Manual
  • 4* Driver Rollers

Driver Roller info:
ő¶0.6/ő¶0.8 V groove
ő¶0.8/ő¶1.0 V groove
ő¶0.8/ő¶1.0 U groove
ő¶0.8/ő¶1.0 V-Knurld Drive

Multi Process Synergic Aluminum Mig Welding Machine
Multi Process Synergic Aluminum Mig Welding Machine mig200
Multi Process Synergic Aluminum Mig Welding Machine
strict quality control



      Can I weld Aluminum with the ARCCAPTAIN welding machine

      We do not recommend that you use a ARC, MIG welding machine to weld aluminum, which will did not perform well.It's better to weld aluminum with the AC tig welder or pulse mig welder.Of course you can weld aluminum by the mig welder with spool gun.

      Where can i download the user manual

      You can download user manuals for all product models here.

      What type of spool gun do i need for MIG200

      1.Your spool gun will  need to be the Euro Connection to suit the MIG200.

      Euro Connection

      2.Be sure your spool gun have the 4 pin aviation male plug.Otherwise, you need to buy the 4 pin plug yourself. Recommended 4 pin plug type: SP21 Series

      4 pin aviation male plug

      EURO socket, 4 pin aviation male plug

      Hole 1 connect to spool gun "+", hole 2 connect to spool gun "-".
      PLUG NEED TO MATCH SOCKET. Need to change torch's plug to 4-pin.

      Can you provide a graphite liner to weld aluminum instead of using separate spool gun?

      Currently our mig200 mig welder does support the graphite liner.You need to find suitable size graphite and replace the drive roller.
      You can also connect the spool gun to weld aluminium .But if you want get a better welding performance.It is better to use AC/DC tig machine to weld aluminium.

      If I need parts for your products. Where I can find It? 

      Arccaptain will sell most of the parts for our product, like tig torch, welding wire, welding backpack, etc., you can buy directly from the official website at an affordable price.

      What type of tig torch to buy for Arccaptain machine.

      200 Amps mig welder Mig200 supports WP-17V 35-50 style tig torch.

      MIG130 support WP-17V 10-25 style tig torch.

      ARC200 support WP-17V 35-50 style tig torch.

      ARC160 support WP-17V 10-25 style tig torch.

      What is the recommended amperages for electrodes by type and diameter

      You can read the guide chart here

      What's¬†the¬†thinnest¬†to¬†thickest¬†of¬†steel¬†and¬†aluminium¬†can¬†the MIG200 doÔľü

      The MIG200 can weld 1mm-6mm steel.

      The MIG200 can weld 1mm-5mm aluminium.

      What Is The Standard MIG Contact Tip Sizing Chart

      You can read the guide here.

      Shipping Info

      Most items are usually shipped within 7-10 working days. Your delivery confirmation email will contain your tracking number and order details. If you have any questions, our team is also on hand 7 days a week and can be reached at support@arccaptain.com