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Arccaptain MIG200 VS Primeweld MIG180 Which is better

Nov 02, 2023

Arccaptain MIG200 VS Primeweld MIG180 Which is better


Welcome back to the workshop and our channel! A few weeks ago, we received an email from Arccaptain, asking if we would be willing to review their MIG200 welding machine. Since we had a welding project coming up, we agreed to test it out. Arccaptain kindly provided us with their MIG200 machine for this review, free of charge. The only condition was that we create a video showcasing the machine's capabilities. In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison of the Arccaptain MIG200 and the Prime Weld MIG180 welding machines.

Arccaptain MIG200: Features and Specifications

Drive Rollers

The Arccaptain MIG200 welding machine is a versatile tool with a host of features and capabilities. Here's what you can expect:

  • Multiple Drive Rollers: This machine comes with multiple drive rollers designed for various flux core wire sizes. It even includes rollers for using flux core wire.


  • Extra Tips: In addition to the main unit, Arccaptain provides extra tips, a nozzle shroud, and a convenient wrench for easy tip replacement.

Power Cord

  • Versatile Power Cord: The power cord is made of 14-gauge wire and comes with a standard 50-amp plug, making it suitable for most welding setups. It also includes a short 110 to 220V adapter, allowing you to run the welder on standard 110V house current.

Instruction Manual

  • Comprehensive Manual: The included instruction manual features wiring diagrams and operational instructions. However, it's worth noting that while the manual is not terribly translated, there are some minor language issues for American English users.

Mig Gun

  • Comfortable Mig Gun: The Mig gun is of a reasonable size, providing a comfortable grip. It's approximately 10 feet long and uses a European-style connector that attaches to the machine's front panel.

Work Clamp

  • Quality Work Clamp: The work clamp, also known as the ground clamp, is of decent quality and includes a copper strap connecting the two halves of the jaws.

Prime Weld MIG180: Features and Specifications

Power Cord

  • Robust Power Cord: Prime Weld equips the MIG180 with a robust power cord, featuring 12-gauge wire and a 50-amp three-prong plug. It also comes with an adapter for 110V operation.


  • High-Quality Mig Gun: The Mig gun appears to be of high quality, and it comes with a 15-foot cable. It's labeled as "Made in USA" and uses a Miller-style connector.


  • Bonus Accessories: Prime Weld includes a roll of er70s6 mig wire and provides extra tips and drive rollers. Additionally, the package includes a gas flow regulator that can be connected to your shielding gas bottle.

Owner's Manual

  • User-Friendly Manual: The owner's manual is well-written, easy to read, and includes helpful pictures and tips on how to get started with welding.

Spool Gun

  • Spool Gun for Aluminum: Prime Weld offers a spool gun for mig welding aluminum, which is included in the package along with a spool of welding wire. There is also a separate owner's manual for the spool gun.

Welding Comparison: Arccaptain MIG200 vs. Prime Weld MIG180

Arccaptain MIG200

  • Versatile Welding Modes: This welding machine comes with both manual and synergic welding modes. We found that the quality of the arc was impressive, and the recommended settings were generally accurate. The machine offered a smooth and comfortable welding experience. When welding thicker materials, it performed reasonably well, although we noted some limitations due to the wire size. Switching to synergic mode allowed us to adjust the amperage while maintaining a stable arc. However, the machine exhibited some instability when experimenting with inductance settings and voltage adjustments.

Prime Weld MIG180

  • Manual Welding Excellence: The Prime Weld MIG180 is a manual welding machine. It also delivered a smooth and high-quality welding arc at the recommended settings. When tested on thicker materials, it successfully joined them, although we recognized the limitations of using a 0.030 wire. Like the Arccaptain, the Prime Weld machine allowed for some adjustments to voltage, providing more control. However, we noticed slightly more splatter with the Prime Weld during our tests.


Both the Arccaptain MIG200 and the Prime Weld MIG180 are robust welding machines with their unique features and capabilities. The Arccaptain offers synergic and manual welding modes, while the Prime Weld is a manual welding machine. The choice between the two depends on your specific welding needs and preferences. Additionally, factors like customer support and warranty should also be considered.

As for the welding performance, both machines demonstrated their ability to produce quality welds. While the Arccaptain provided a smoother welding experience and more control in certain aspects, the Prime Weld was still a capable and reliable option for various welding projects.

In terms of pricing, the Arccaptain MIG200 is available for $499, but you may find it at a discounted rate on some platforms. On the other hand, the Prime Weld MIG180 retails for $599. Keep in mind that prices may vary, especially during promotional periods.

Ultimately, your choice between these two welding machines should be based on your specific needs, the features that matter most to you, and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which machine is better for beginners, the Arccaptain MIG200 or the Prime Weld MIG180?

    • Both machines are beginner-friendly, but the Arccaptain MIG200's synergic mode may be easier for newcomers to use.
  2. Do these welding machines require any special setup or ventilation in my workshop?

    • Proper ventilation and safety measures are important for welding. Ensure you have adequate ventilation and necessary safety equipment.
  3. Are replacement parts readily available for these machines?

    • Replacement parts for both machines are generally available through the manufacturers and authorized dealers.
  4. Can I weld aluminum with the Arccaptain MIG200 and the Prime Weld MIG180?

    • The Prime Weld MIG180 includes a spool gun for aluminum welding, while the Arccaptain MIG200 may require additional accessories for aluminum welding.
  5. What kind of warranty do these machines come with?

    • Warranty terms may vary, but both manufacturers typically offer warranties that cover defects in materials and workmanship. Be sure to check the warranty details before purchasing.

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