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10 Welding Ideas to Make Money for Side Hustle at Home

May 11, 2024

10 Welding Ideas to Make Money

Welding is an in-demand skill that opens up opportunities for making money on the side with just a little creativity and know-how. For the hobbyist welder looking to turn their craft into a money-making venture, small projects done from home provide a low-risk way to dip your toes into the business of welding. 

This article explores ten clever welding ideas perfect for bringing in extra income through a home-based side hustle. With the right marketing and business savvy, these projects can become quite lucrative. From metal art to custom furniture to structural repairs, the welding applications are vast for those willing to think outside the box. With just a simple welding setup and the ideas presented here, you’ll be on your way to making real money from home by putting your welding skills to use.

Welding Ideas to Make Money

There are several side hustles one can pursue at home using welding skills and equipment to generate extra income. With the growing demand for welding services, it is possible to earn extra income by starting a side hustle at home. Here are ten welding ideas to make money for a side hustle at home, along with tips on how to get started.

1. Welded Art and Decorative Items

welding ideas - Welded Art and Decorative Items

Welding art and decorative items like picture frames, coat racks, and shelf brackets is a lucrative idea because these products appeal to the desire for personalized and unique home decor. Such items stand out on platforms like Etsy and eBay, where customers are specifically looking for handcrafted and unique pieces. Participating in local art shows and galleries can also boost visibility and sales, as these venues attract customers appreciating the craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal of welded items.

2. Welded Furniture

Welding Ideas to Make Money for Side Hustle at Home - furniture

Welding can also be used to create functional and stylish furniture, such as coffee and end tables, wine racks, and benches. Crafting furniture through welding combines functionality with style, making it an appealing venture. Items like coffee tables and wine racks are not only practical but can also be designed to be visually appealing, enhancing their marketability. Selling these items on popular online platforms such as Amazon and Wayfair, as well as in local furniture stores, can reach a wide audience. The blend of unique design and utility often allows for a higher price point, improving profit margins.

3. Repairs using Welders

Companies rely on small, independent welding shops for most of their repairs, such as trailer repair, autobody welding, aluminum boat repair, and fence/railing repair. Offering welding services for repairs is a consistently high-demand business. Focusing on specialized repair services such as autobody or aluminum boat repairs can help develop a niche expertise, leading to a strong reputation and a loyal customer base. Most companies and individuals seek reliable and quick repair services, creating a steady stream of income for skilled welders.

4. Custom Signs

Welding custom signs is a profitable idea due to the constant demand from businesses and homeowners looking for distinctive signage that reflects their brand or personal style. Utilizing tools like plasma cutters allows for precise and intricate designs, which can elevate the product's value. Selling these signs on platforms like Etsy and eBay, as well as showcasing them at local art shows, provides access to customers willing to pay a premium for customization.

5. Welded BBQ Grills and Smokers

Welding Ideas to Make Money for Side Hustle at Home - BBQ Grills

The creation of custom BBQ grills and smokers caters to culinary enthusiasts who often seek out specialized, high-quality cooking equipment. This market segment is willing to invest in premium products tailored to their specific needs. Selling these items on platforms like Amazon and Wayfair, as well as local home and garden stores, taps into both the general consumer and the niche enthusiast markets.

6. Welded Industrial Shelving Units

Welding Ideas to Make Money for Side Hustle at Home - Industrial Shelving Units

The demand for robust, industrial-style shelving units is fueled by their utility in modern office spaces and trendy urban apartments. These products combine functionality with an industrial aesthetic that is popular in contemporary interior design, making them appealing to a broad customer base. The durability and style of welded shelving can command higher prices, making it a profitable welding venture.

7. Custom Grill Grates

Specializing in custom grill grates offers an opportunity to cater to barbecue enthusiasts who are particular about the tools they use. These grates can be personalized for specific grill sizes or designed with unique patterns, adding value through customization. Selling these items on e-commerce platforms and local stores can attract customers from both local and national markets.

8. Welded Metal Gates

Creating custom metal gates provides both aesthetic appeal and increased security for properties, making it a dual-benefit product. This versatility appeals to both residential and commercial customers, broadening the potential market. Online sales and local stores are effective channels to reach customers looking for high-quality, durable gates.

9. Fireplace Screens and Log Grates

These items enhance the safety and functionality of fireplaces, making them essential for many homeowners. The custom design aspect also adds decorative value, making it a dual-purpose investment for customers. Selling these products through various online platforms and local stores during the colder seasons can capitalize on the seasonal spike in demand.

10. Metal Trellises

Metal trellises are a functional and decorative element for gardens, supporting plant growth while also enhancing the garden's aesthetic. These products cater to gardening enthusiasts and can be customized to fit various garden designs and sizes, adding value through personalization. Marketing these on platforms like Amazon and Wayfair, as well as local garden stores, allows access to a wide range of gardening customers.

How to Get Started Welding

To get started with a welding side hustle at home, you will need some basic equipment, such as a welding machine, chop saw, sturdy angle grinder with various discs, welding clamps, a speed square, welding magnets, and safety gear. You can start by offering repair services to local businesses or individuals, and then expand to creating custom items as you build your skills and reputation.

Arc Welding

Arc welding uses an electric arc to melt and join metals. It requires an arc welding machine, welding rod, and safety gear like a welding mask, gloves, and protective clothing. Arc welding produces toxic fumes, so proper ventilation is important. The welding rod is coated in flux which produces gas to shield the weld pool from contaminants. Arc welding takes practice to master but is versatile and useful for many types of metal.

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MIG Welding

MIG welding uses a spool of wire fed through a welding gun to melt and join metals. It requires a MIG welder, a spool of MIG wire, a welding mask, and safety gear. MIG welding is easier to learn than arc welding and is useful for thin metals. However, it also produces toxic fumes requiring ventilation. MIG welders allow the user to control heat intensity and wire feed speed for different applications.

With the proper safety precautions and equipment, welding can be a useful skill for DIY and hobby metalwork or as a side business. Beginners should start with basic projects like welding metal brackets, tools, or artwork before progressing to more complex welds. Always follow instructions and safety guidelines to prevent injury. With regular practice, welding techniques and skills will improve over time.

Welding Tools and Equipment

Welding Machine

A welding machine is the most essential tool for any welding project. For home workshops, a multi-process welder that can handle MIG, TIG, and stick welding is recommended. The ARCCAPTAIN IGBT Inverter DC TIG Welder TIG200 and the ARCCAPTAIN CUT50 Plasma Cutter are excellent options for home use.

Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is necessary to protect the welder's eyes and face from the extremely bright welding arc and sparks. Auto-darkening helmets like the ARCCAPTAIN Skull Graphic Welding Helmet automatically darken upon arc strike and lighten again when the arc goes out. These helmets provide the most convenient and safe welding experience.

Welding Gloves

Thick, insulated welding gloves protect the welder's hands from high temperatures, sparks, and sharp metal edges. Leather gloves with a flame-resistant cotton lining are a good all-purpose option for home welding projects. For high-heat applications like plasma cutting, gloves with a Kevlar lining are better suited.

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Additional Equipment

Other useful equipment for a home welding workshop includes an angle grinder for cutting and grinding metal, welding carts for maneuvering heavy welding tanks, welding clamps and magnets for holding workpieces in place, and welding blankets, screens, and curtains to protect surroundings from welding sparks and splatter.


ArcCaptain has a range of welding tools that can help you start a successful welding side hustle from the comfort of your own home. Welding is a valuable skill that can be used to create a variety of items and structures, from decorative art pieces to industrial products. By starting a welding side hustle, you can earn extra income and build your skills and reputation as a welder. 

To get started, you'll need to invest in some high-quality welding equipment. ArcCaptain offers a range of welding tools, including MIG welders, TIG welders, and stick welders, to suit your specific needs and budget. Once you have the right equipment, you can start creating and selling your own welding projects. Marketing and networking are also essential components of a successful welding side hustle. You can use social media platforms, local classifieds, and word-of-mouth referrals to promote your business and attract new customers. 

Building relationships with other professionals in the welding industry can also help you learn new techniques and expand your business opportunities.With dedication, hard work, and the right tools from ArcCaptain, you can turn your welding side hustle into a thriving business. Whether you're looking to earn extra income or pursue a new career path, welding is a valuable skill that can help you achieve your goals.

FAQs about Welding Ideas to Make Money 

What are some simple welding projects for beginners to make money?

Some simple welding projects for beginners to make money include fence unrollers, three-point carry-alls, three-point hitch receivers, and items made of horse-shoes. These projects can be completed with simple tools like a stick welder, MIG, angle grinder(s), and torch, and can be sold for a profit.

What are some welding projects to sell from home?

Some welding projects to sell from home include motorcycle mod projects, farmhouse welding work, boat trailer repair, metal art, yard art, barbecue grills, shooting targets, chessboards, metal gates, metal ramps, and fireplace screens/log holders. These projects can be done with simple tools and can be offered to customers as part of a small home welding business..

What are some welding project ideas to make money?

Some welding project ideas to make money include home backyard furniture, barbecue or fire pit, metal art, yard art, chessboards, metal gates, metal ramps, fireplace screen/log holder, security enhancements, farmhouse welding work, and offroad accessories. These projects can be customized to the customer's preferences and can be sold for a profit.

What are some welding project ideas for beginners to make money?

Some welding project ideas for beginners to make money include fence unrollers, three-point carry-alls, three-point hitch receivers, and items made of horse-shoes. These projects can be completed with simple tools and can be sold for a profit, helping beginners gain experience and earn money at the same time.

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