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Plasma Cutter CUT50 Review - Brandon

May 29, 2023

In this YouTube video, Brandon, the host of the channel, introduces a giveaway for a plasma cutter. He provides details about the product, explains the rules of the giveaway, and addresses potential concerns and scams. The video aims to inform viewers about the giveaway and emphasize the authenticity and purpose of the giveaway.

The plasma cutter being given away is the ARCCAPTAIN Plasma Cutter CUT50, a high-quality cutting machine suitable for various materials like steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It has a cutting capacity of up to 1/2 inch and comes with a built-in air compressor, eliminating the need for an external one.


In a recent YouTube video, Brandon, a host and welder, discusses plasma cutters and announces a giveaway for one lucky subscriber. He introduces the plasma cutter from the company Arc Captain and emphasizes his commitment to helping the welding community without any personal gain or affiliation. Throughout the video, Brandon provides details about the plasma cutter, how to participate in the giveaway, and shares valuable information about its features and consumables.

Summary: Brandon starts the video by introducing himself and the plasma cutter giveaway. He mentions that this plasma cutter is from ArcCaptain, a company known for its high-quality MIG welders. He clarifies that he conducts giveaways to support the welding community and doesn't ask for any payments or personal information. The winner will be announced on his social media platforms, and they need to contact him to claim the prize.

Next, Brandon unboxes the plasma cutter and highlights its features. He mentions that it's a compact unit suitable for shops with 120-volt power supply but can also work with 240 volts. He discusses the regulator piping, adapter, and the importance of grounding the machine. Brandon emphasizes that he conducts giveaways selflessly and encourages viewers not to be skeptical about the legitimacy of the giveaway.

Moving on, Brandon explains the difference between a pilot arc and a non-pilot arc.

Benefits of a Pilot Arc

The ArcCaptain plasma cutter features a pilot arc, which offers several advantages over non-pilot arc models. With a pilot arc, when you squeeze the trigger, the arc initiates and vaporizes any paint or rust on the surface before making the cut. This eliminates the need to clean the surface to bare metal, making your cutting process more efficient.

Plasma Cutter Features and Specifications

The ArcCaptain plasma cutter is a compact and versatile unit that offers excellent performance. It comes with a carry handle, regulator piping, and an adapter for both 120V and 240V power sources.

The machine itself is relatively lightweight compared to other cut 50 models, making it suitable for those who only have 120V power in their shops. However, if you have access to 240V power, it's recommended to utilize it for maximum efficiency.

Plasma Cutter Accessories and Consumables

When you receive the ArcCaptain plasma cutter, it will be lightly used but in good condition. The unit includes various accessories, such as a cutting torch, regulator piping, and a gas hose for connecting to your air source. Additionally, the package comes with spare consumables, including a drag tip and an electrode.He demonstrates how the pilot arc vaporizes paint or rust, making it unnecessary to clean the metal surface thoroughly before cutting. He showcases the consumables of the plasma cutter, including the ceramic cup, drag tip, and electrode. He emphasizes that these consumables are affordable and readily available. 

Setting Up the Plasma Cutter

Setting up the Arcaptain plasma cutter is straightforward. You'll need a power source, preferably 220V, and an air supply. Simply plug in the machine, connect the air hose, attach the cutting torch, and ground the unit. With electricity and air readily available, you're ready to start cutting.


The Arccaptain plasma cutter is a reliable and compact unit that offers great cutting performance. Remember, the giveaway is a genuine opportunity, and winners will receive their prizes free of charge. Stay tuned for the winner announcement on my channel and social media platforms. Make sure to subscribe and enable notifications for updates. Thank you for watching, and I hope this plasma cutter finds its way to someone who truly needs it and can benefit from it.

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