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Learn to MIG weld Stack Dimes In a Day

Jan 29, 2024

Learn to MIG weld Stack Dimes In a Day


Welcome to AC Designs Garage! Today's episode is a deep dive into the intricate skill of stacking dimes, a sought-after technique for beginners in the world of MIG welding. Join us as we explore machine settings, arc shots, and essential tips to elevate your welding expertise.

Tip: This is the fourth episode of our video series. If you would like to learn more about MIG welding beginner techniques, please click the link below.

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Equipment and Tools

Before embarking on your welding journey, ensure you have the right tools. We recommend a high-quality grinder, durable welding gloves, MIG pliers, and a versatile machine like the ARCCAPTAIN MIG200. Additionally, consider useful accessories such as nozzle gel to maintain a clean Mig gun.

Machine Settings

Our preferred settings for achieving impeccable dime stacks on a 3/16-inch thick cold roll involve configuring the ARCCAPTAIN MIG200 to 20 volts and 7.0 m a minute (equivalent to 275 in per minute). It's crucial to note that these settings may vary based on your specific welding machine, so always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for optimal results.


Prepare your workpiece meticulously before diving into welding. In this episode, we're focusing on a T joint with beveled edges for enhanced weld quality. A clean workpiece and thorough preparation lay the groundwork for achieving flawless welds.

Welding Technique

Mastering the welding technique is pivotal for dime stacking. We recommend dragging the gun, although the choice between dragging and pushing is subjective. Consistency is key, and close attention to the puddle formation is essential. Maintain a 45-degree angle into the joint, tilting back 15 degrees as you progress. This technique ensures both precision and structural integrity.

Arc Shots and Manipulation

Understanding arc shots and how to manipulate your Mig gun is crucial for achieving stellar welds. Initiate with a small loop and gradually build it up. Ensure the wire enters at a 45-degree angle, consistently tying both pieces together. This meticulous approach results in visually appealing and robust welds.

Additional Tips

1.Always use a clean wire brush to prepare your workpiece.

2.Familiarize yourself with the unique characteristics of your welding machine.

3.Experiment with different welding speeds and angles to find your optimal technique.

4.Prioritize safety by wearing appropriate protective gear.


Mastering the art of stacking dimes requires dedication, practice, and attention to detail. Armed with the right machine settings, thorough preparation, and consistent welding technique, you'll soon be stacking dimes like a seasoned professional. Keep honing your skills, stay safe, and enjoy the rewarding journey of welding expertise!

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