Where can i download the user manual

How long will it take to get my package?

How to Match Your Aluminum Spool Gun to MIG200

What payment methods are accepted?

Which Tig torch i should use for Arccaptain machine

Can I weld Aluminum with MIG200

Can i use the graphite liner to weld aluminum instead of using separate spool gun?

How can I find the welding parts?

What is the recommended Amperages for electrodes by type and diameter?

What Is The Standard MIG Contact Tip Sizing Chart

Can I weld aluminium with mig welder?

What's the thinnest to thickest of steel and aluminium can the MIG200 do?

Who makes Arccaptain welders

Where is Arccaptain made

What is the difference between the standard MIG200 gun and the ‘upgraded gun’?
The difference between standard MIG200 gun and the ‘upgraded gun is The thickness of the materials is different, and the upgraded gun can match the 250 amp machine, and the welding advantage is even greater.
What types of welding can I perform with this welder?
This welder is versatile and supports multiple wire types, making it suitable for MIG welding with solid wire, flux core welding, and aluminum welding.
What wire sizes are compatible with this welder?
The welder is compatible with .023”, .030”, .035” solid wire, .023”, .030”, .035” flux core wire, and .035”/.045” aluminum wire, providing flexibility for various welding applications.
Is this welder suitable for beginners?
Yes, its Synergic Control and safety features make it user-friendly and suitable for beginners, while its versatility appeals to experienced welders as well.
What is Synergic Control?
Synergic Control is an advanced feature that automatically matches the welding current and wire feeding speed with the selected wire diameter and gas type. This simplifies setting up the welder and can lead to improved weld quality, especially beneficial for beginners.
What kind of quality testing has this welder undergone?
The welder has been subjected to various authoritative laboratory tests in extremely harsh environments, ensuring it meets high standards of quality and reliability.
Can I use this welder for professional applications?
Given its range of features and strict quality control, this welder is suitable for both DIY and professional applications.
What additional equipment do I need to start welding?
Besides the welder, you'll need appropriate welding wire for your project, a welding helmet, gloves, protective clothing, and potentially a gas cylinder and regulator for MIG welding.
When will I receive my order? How do I track my order?
Most items are usually shipped within 5-10 working days. We offer free shipping in the US on orders over $100.
We do recommend allowing up to 3 weeks for your order in peak times, such as a special offer or promotion. Your delivery confirmation email will contain your tracking number and order details.
What is the duration of the warranty?
This welder comes with a 2-Year Warranty for peace of mind.
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